We provide  news that is not covered by the traditional media. The stories  covered by our team  can change our world. Our viewers actually become part of NEWS ACTION.


The DOIT.NEWS staff has worked on award-winning breakthrough stories and we  educate viewers into action for their own welfare and growth .

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DOIT.NEWS tells us the stories that have been covered up, or that the press fears to publish. Often the press gets calls from government and powerful corporations and told ... "DO NOT COVER THIS STORY " ...or  "STOP COVERING IT".

DOIT.NEWS provides deep as they can go information with every story. If they are stopped, they inform us. As a member of this community the viewer can offer stories which other viewers can learn about. Viewers and the public can contribute to existing stories. The best thing is the viewers and the public learn what actions they can take to make change NOW.  Our own personal world changes because we are getting educated on what we can do to improve our lives. We are learning the power of truth.